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Ngorongoro Crater


As for the Ngorongoro conservation Area, central to its 8,000 sq km is the Ngorongoro Crater, a 20 km wide depression teeming with abundant and unique wildlife. This is one of the few areas in Africa where the Big Five (buffalo, elephant, leopards, lion and rhinoceros) can all be seen together. So don’t miss it! Take in too the ancient volcanoes and the olduvai gorge with its fossils (including the 1.75 m year-old Zinjanthrous skull and the 3.5 m year-old Laetoli footprints) as well as the Ndutu and Meseli lakes.

Best Time; Whole year- rain season in April.

How to get there; From Arusha 4 hour drive ,1 hour schedule flight. From Manyara 2 hours drive.

To do;  A trip to Olduvai gorge ( visit the paleontology museum) where the Australopithecus Boisei's skeleton was discovered. This ancestor of man, is millions of years old.  A walking safari to maasai country with donkeys (2day minimum).

Do not miss; a whole day in the creter where the show never stops. Tea time while watching the sunset above  the crater.